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Publications, Documents and Maps


– POSTER: Participatory initiative to protect key marine ecosystems in Ecuador. Project GALERA – SAN FRANCISCO. (232 KB, pdf)

– ARTICLE: Private Incentives to Conserve Ecuador’s Coast. Project GALERA – SAN FRANCISCO. (150 KB, pdf)


– Location of the proposed Marine Reserve and the interpretation centre. Project GALERA – SAN FRANCISCO. (4,96 MB, pdf)

– Proposal for the conservation of a coastal-marine protected area to the south of the Esmeraldas province. Project ESMEMAR. (2,61 MB, pdf)

– Location of the proposed Marine Reserve and location of the GPS points. Project SANTA ELENA. (11,7 MB, pdf)

– Bathymetric map of the covered area. Project SANTA ELENA. (10,5 MB, pdf)

– Habitats of the rocky-sandy bottom of the covered area. Project SANTA ELENA. (7,5 MB, pdf)

– Map of the intertidal systems. Project ECUADORIAN COAST. (3,23 MB, pdf)

– Map of the subtidal systems. Project ECUADORIAN COAST. (2,94 MB, pdf)

– Map Portfolio – Priorities. Project ECUADORIAN COAST. (3,67 MB, pdf)